The truth about PS3's.

You do know everyone the ps3 is totally stupidity? I could rant for hours on how sony were incredibly stupid with their console. 8 core processor where only 6 actually do anything? 512MB's of RAM 256MB's of which is really slow? Graphics card which is just a less powerfull nvidia 7800?

Why Sony? Why?

This graphics card has 256mb's of GDDR3 clocked at 650mhz FSB dedicated graphics memory which is alll very good but it should really be 512mb's in that kinda card especially if it wants to keep up with that CELL processor. Also the processing RAM which is XDR clocked at 400mhz this is really slow, its a higher quality RAM than almost anything but its incrediously slow, fast DDR2 would have been so much better and alot cheaper, just proves how much of an ar'tard Sony is.

Biggest problem is the CELL processor, people go on about how that because of that leviathonic thing that in the future when people know better how to harness its power, that we will see titles of immense graphical capabilities, this isnt the case. The processor is such that if someone does manage to push that bitch to the max then graphics chip wont be able to render the image how it should be. The NVIDIA RSX is severly outmatched by the CELL so anything that people try to make when someone fineally does harness that bitches power will not matter because you wont be able to see it because the chip wont render it especially with half the amount of graphics RAM it should have.

Also the CELL is basically an 8 core processor: 1 of the cores doesnt work, 1 is used for the OS, and then 6 left over the best game engine around only uses 4. Why make a 8 core CELL why not make a 6 core one? Surely cheaper?

Sony have majorly fucked up here. To an extent they will be able to make games with better graphics because it does have an amazing CELL processor and a pretty good graphics chip but at a certain point the graphics card wont be able to render what the CELL can process hence why it wont live up to the expectations it will at 100% outstrip the XBOX but no one will develop a game for $20million when they can make the same game for $10million on the xbox and sell more copies and if they did port it to the ps3 they are only going to port not increase on the graphics because it isnt economically viable for them, it wont increase sales.

Hence why at the moment the game library on the xbox is amazing (this is subjective, although relative to the PS3 is retains truth) with a huge list of platinum titles whereas the ps3 has very few, at the moment the ps3 is like a double amputee trying to beat xbox at swingball.

Please don't question what i have said. This isn't my opinion you see here, it is the truth. I didnt wake up believing this and decide to bore you all now. I spent a long time researching it all and i spent many hours reading up about all 3 of the 7th generation consoles and this became very obvious. PS3 have made a console that could be amazing but not quite as good as everyone thinks and no one will try and make an amazing game to go on it because it would cost them the same amount of money it would to buy a small island and bilk little mexicans into doing everything for them, which is a damn site more fun.

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