With thanks to:

Mr Tong and Mrs Marsh – For having seriously boring biology lessons so I could write all this out and still have time to live.
Timothy Vivian-Shaw – Who offered idea’s on plot development and characters names were of the greatest help.
Hannah May – Came up with some sterling names for things, some of which I used.
Emily Putnam – Edited a lot of my works bad grammar out.
Luke Smith - Helped me with back history also helped give me ideas on what to include.
Carrie Anne Kondratuk – Her shrewd eye on these works included edits and minor plot ideas.

Also thanks to this site for teaching me about how to get this site better recognised by search engines and teaching me about SEO and META TAGS, they ask that people who use their services to put this on their site so i did.
Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

For the life of me, I cannot think of any other people who have contributed to this game, but if I think of anymore, I will be sure to put your name up.
Hello. At the moment the Llamastorm team is quite small and thus we need more. If you think can help contact us.

At the moment we need help in many departments, if you think you can help please contact us.
Added 'The Team' page.
General edits.
To come:
More screenshots to come.
Added team member
Hopefully much other stuff besides to improve the quality of the site and bulk it out.
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