The Last Walk of Lucifer

The Last Walk of Lucifer

The Last Walk of Lucifer is the result of an original idea back in May time 2007. This in October was developed more heavily by the current writer and since then as gone through many forms and rewrites some major ones even quite recently.
This page is part of the promotion and raising of the public image of a new up and coming game called The Last Walk of Lucifer. A traditional FPS with unique game play, well-told story, big and bad bosses, and the ULTIMATE bad-guy. The prince of darkness himself, Lucifer, although there is more to his story than first appears.

Since inception, the project is now moving faster than ever, very soon all the writing shall be completed.

Some back history.

Between the years 2114 to 2117, Earth had its first major interstellar war with a marginally superior race of aliens with a similar carbon makeup. When it became apparent that Earth couldn’t win through the newly established means of conventional space warfare a group of ‘pioneering’ humans within the Human Planetary Resistance made up of the most powerful countries at the time unleashed a weapon of vast strength and destroyed the entire planet of the opposing race. 

The rest of humanity was disgusted with these people for their crime and thus exiled them to a far off planet for their actions in bringing about the end of the war.
Three hundred and sixty seven years later, they are visited by an alien race similar to what we would think of Dwarves looking like. We’re told that an evil trans-galactic corporation is slaughtering the Agnatalians for possession of a powerful metal that lies underneath their majestic cities, in small mines, used by the Agnatalians to mine the said metal from but they live mostly unaware of the hidden power of the metal that they have mined for over 20 years.

Some Infomation on Lucifer.

Lucifer, being an evil Deity who helped to create the universe alongside his brother, millions of years ago, Lucifer went on to kill the same brother for control and claimed sovereignty over the universe, but left it mostly to manage itself and instead of ruling tyrannically his kingdom, he sat on his throne ignoring his world.

A bit about the game itself:

The game starts at a latter stage in testing for a new teleportation device where in mere seconds you travel many light years.
The reason for such a device being tested by the humans of New Earth is that several years ago they received a transmission from a far off alien planet named Agnatalia.

They told the New Earth humans that an evil corporation has begun to kill all the Agnatalians of Agnatalia in the hope of being able to plunder their mines of a valuable resource, which unbeknownst to them at the time contains many unique properties.

Around 3 years after the initial transmission from the Agnatalians, you play a prisoner sent by the exiled humans of New Earth in a new instantaneous travelling device that they are testing for mass transport over many light years in a few seconds so they can come to the aid of the Agnatalians. 

The TGC (the evil corporation) plans to gather as much as this resource as they can and craft a super-weapon of enough strength to literally blast a hole through the fabrics of space and travel to Lucifer's realm. Using a blade taken from one of the gatekeepers of the ancient gate to the brother of Lucifer, who together crafted the universe in the beginning but Lucifer in his wickedness, killed his brother for control of their universe. By doing so they wish to claim dominion over the universe and rule a terrible rule of dominion over the many races if the universe.

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Comment posted by Edd, 11/09/2008 at 12:49pm (UTC):
good storyline, when are you gona start making games I WANA PLAY

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